Show all checkbox values in read mode too!

For when you always want to display the full list in edit and read mode. It will show which values are checked.
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Create a hidden "Computed For Display" field and name it "ChecklistChoices". Formula should result in a list array. Example:

"Value 1" :
"Value 2" :
"Value 3" :
"Value 4" :
"Value 5" :
"Value 6" :
"Value 7" :
"Value 8" 

Create a standard checkbox field and name it "MyChecklist". Allow multiple values and have it only be visible in edit mode. Select "Use Formula For Choices" and enter the reference below.


Create a "Computed For Display" field and name it "MyChecklist_disp". This field should only be made visible in read mode. Use the following formula:

choices := ChecklistChoices;
Len := @Elements(choices);

@For(n:=1; n<=Len; n:=n+1;
	tmp := tmp + "<input type=\"checkbox\" disabled=\"true\"" + @If(@IsMember(choices[n]; MyChecklist) ; " checked" ; "") + ">" + choices[n] + "<br>"

	MyChecklist="" ; "";


Posted by fbrefere001 on Tuesday February 12, 2013