Reserved fields for Lotus Domino web applications

There are several reserved fields available.
Lotus Notes Form


By default domino will be generating the DocType url without the DTD defenition like this below

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC “-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN”>

The DTD url is necessary for the browser to interpret the css used in that page.

It helps to change the doctype of the page. This will be first line of the html code and it instruct the web browser about what version of the HTML tags used in the current page. If you using wrong doctype then your page wont be rendered properly by browser.

By default domino will generate transitional doctype. You can change it by using this field. This field should be a hidden Computed for Display
text field that is hidden from Web browsers.

It will work only Domino Release 7.0.2 and above.

“< !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC” + @NewLine + “\”W3CDTD HTML 4.01\”” + @NewLine + ” \”\”>” +
@NewLine; “”)

Check this URL for available doctype tags


It helps to control the attributes of the HTML tag. Specify the value of this field inside quotation marks. For example, specifying a value of 
“lang=en” would produce the following statement in the resulting HTML.

HTML tag attributes for a form are stored in a Computed for Display text field that is hidden from Web browsers, named $$HTMLTagAttributes.


It helps to include all the style sheets, javascript code insidetag. HTMLHead field should be a computed for display text field and that 
should be hidden from web browsers.

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