Find the free space on a drive

There is no built in function to find the amount of free, used, or total bytes on a drive using LotusScript. Listed below is a LotusScript that makes the necessary API call inserted into a button.

     Declare Private Function GetDiskFreeSpace Lib "Kernel32" Alias _
     "GetDiskFreeSpaceA" (Byval lpRootPathName As String, lpSectorsPerCluster _
     As Long, lpBytesPerSector As Long, lpNumberOfFreeClusters As Long, _
     lpTotalNumberOfClusters As Long) As Long
     Dim drv As String
     Dim ret As Long
     Dim sectors As Long
     Dim bytes As Long
     Dim free As Long
     Dim total As Long
     drv = "C:\" 'Root directory for the drive to be checked
     ret = GetDiskFreeSpace(drv, sectors, bytes, free, total)
     Messagebox Cstr(sectors * bytes * free) & " bytes free on drive " & drv
     Messagebox Cstr(sectors * bytes * total) & " total bytes on drive " & drv
     Messagebox Cstr(sectors * bytes * (total - free)) & " bytes used on drive " & drv

Posted by fbrefere001 on Wednesday February 28, 2001