Hide the last total row in a Domino view

Insert the code below in the onLoad event of the form to automatically hide the last row. Typically used in total views to hide the grand total on the bottom.
HTML • JavaScript • JQuery

var myBody = document.getElementsByTagName("body").item(0);
var lastTable = myBody.getElementsByTagName("table").item(myBody.getElementsByTagName("table").length - 1);
var lastRow = lastTable.getElementsByTagName("tr").item(lastTable.getElementsByTagName("tr").length - 1);
lastRow.style.display = "none";

$('#tableid tr:last').remove();

.viewcontent > table:first-child > tbody > tr:last-child { display:none; }

Written by Frank Joseph Brefere III

Posted by fbrefere001 on Thursday November 29, 2007