Prevent Domino from creating labels for checkbox/radio button field values

Domino automatically creates a label for every value in a checkbox or radio button field. You can use this solution on a per form or server level to disable the automatic functionality.
Lotus Notes Form

THE PROBLEM: There's a field named Interest defined as a checkbox with 5 choices. But when Domino turns this into HTML, it is now generating this:

input name="%%Surrogate_Interest" type="hidden" value="1"label
input type="checkbox" name="Interest" value="Customized Research" id="Interest" class="checkbox" name=InterestCustomized Research/labelbr
labelinput type="checkbox" name="Interest" value="Best Practice Database" id="Interest" class="checkbox" name=InterestBest Practice Database/labelbr
labelinput type="checkbox" name="Interest" value="Benchmarking Reports" id="Interest" class="checkbox" name=InterestBenchmarking Reports/labelbr
labelinput type="checkbox" name="Interest" value="Networking Opportunities" id="Interest" class="checkbox" name=InterestNetworking Opportunities/labelbr
labelinput type="checkbox" name="Interest" value="Membership Services" id="Interest" class="checkbox" name=InterestMembership Services/label
Is there a way to tell Domino 8.5.1 that I don't want label../label wrapped around every single item inside a checkbox field?"

While you can use passthru to put label tags around many types of fields, you can't for checkboxes and radiobuttons, so we added the automatic generation of the

You can turn this off with the special field $$HTMLOptions. Use FieldChoiceLabel=0.
See the designer help for how to set $$HTMLOptions on a form

If you want to affect your entire server than use notes.ini and set

(the two = signs are correct)

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Posted by fbrefere001 on Saturday April 5, 2014