@ReplaceSubstring in JavaScript (v2)


Replaces all instances of the given substring.

String.prototype.replaceAll = function(
	strTarget, // The substring you want to replace
	strSubString // The string you want to replace in.
	var strText = this;
	var intIndexOfMatch = strText.indexOf( strTarget );
	// Keep looping while an instance of the target string still exists in the string.
	while (intIndexOfMatch != -1){
		// Relace out the current instance.
		strText = strText.replace( strTarget, strSubString )
		// Get the index of any next matching substring.
		intIndexOfMatch = strText.indexOf( strTarget );
	// Return the updated string with ALL the target strings
	// replaced out with the new substring.
	return( strText );


newString = oldstring.replaceAll( "A", "B" )

Posted by fbrefere001 on Friday January 15, 2010